Tuesday, 8 March 2011

First Post!

     Alright. First post. So I guess I'll start with a bit of background on the blog. I recently moved to Melbourne a few weeks ago to go to university. Being from a small county town, the transition to the city was a little daunting at first. So many people, such tall buildings, and most importantly, so much to do.

    So while I'm getting to know the city, I thought I'd write about my experiences. It's not going to be anything special. I'll be writing about any popular tourist attractions that I visit, as well as any events that I go to and anything else I run into that I think's worth a post. First post will probably be up soon about Crown Casino or the aquarium or just whatever I feel like writing about.

    Well that's about it for the intro. I'm psyched to get started, and I hope there's someone out there who this stuff is relevant for I guess.


  1. I love melbourne! only been a couple of times but I'm looking forward to reading. and if you haven't been there already I recommend trying a place called the Nudel Bar. It's right in the city, I'm not sure what street its on but the food there is amazing!
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  2. I'm English, so it's a long way for me to come. It's definitely somewhere I'd love to visit someday, but it would have to be a long holiday so I could see SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand etc. while I'm in that part of the world :)

  3. Beautiful picture. I've always wanted to visit Australia, but being a college student I lack the funds. Followed for (hopefully) future visits.